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Collation in Oracle using NLS_SORT

Yesterday I attended a technical presentation on Character Sets. As I told the presenter afterwards, to me attending this meeting was like reading the Kitab-i-Iqan (book of certitude) and then looking at religious history – it was the key that suddenly made everything else clear. I had come across the terms Character Set, Character Encoding, collation, […]

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Species and Genus

Tonight we went through the next two chapters of Basic Arithmetic (see Ability to Classify for the previous two).  We were confronted with the question, how do we group animals together? The style of the exercises forces one to such a conclusion, as they first try to get us to group animals together without knowledge […]

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The ability to classify things

I just completed the first two chapters of the unit “Classification”. This forms part of the entry-level text Basic Arithmetic, part of the educational program Preparation for Social Action (PSA) from FUNDAEC. According to the instructions for the tutor, this unit provides students with the opportunity to develop further the fundamental capability of classifying things. Why […]

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