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Prezi for stunning presentations

Some days ago I was introduced to this website:, for creating presentations online. The editor uses Flash and is entirely online, and you can upload pictures, videos and other flash animations to it. Anyway, I had signed up for their closed beta and earlier today I received a login. The timing was quite fortuitous […]

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Changing Printer settings using the Windows API

I have been working on a program that prints any document you provide to it, as long as there is an application installed on your computer that can handle that document. One issue that we have with it is Duplex printing, i.e. getting the documents to print double-sided. This is a story of how we […]

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Delete EXD files to fix “Object library invalid” error

We have a Microsoft Word template that contains macros, which was working fine but all of a sudden in the last few days, whenever you invoke the template you get the following error: If you open the template file instead of invoking a New document from it, you get a more detailed error:   This […]

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Family and Order

Tonight I learned more about classification, specifically Family and Order. This is in continuation of the book Basic Arithmetic which I started last week, part of the FUNDAEC course on Preparation for Social Action. Family is a higher level classification than genus, i.e. it is a superset of genara. The idea is that some genara […]

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Collation in Oracle using NLS_SORT

Yesterday I attended a technical presentation on Character Sets. As I told the presenter afterwards, to me attending this meeting was like reading the Kitab-i-Iqan (book of certitude) and then looking at religious history – it was the key that suddenly made everything else clear. I had come across the terms Character Set, Character Encoding, collation, […]

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